Sebastian Vettel wishes for Schumacher's advice

Sebastian Vettel has said that he wishes he could speak to Michael Schumacher to get his advice as he tries to fight for the 2018 championship.

Vettel has made crucial mistakes from his end which has led to a 40 point deficit to Lewis Hamilton for the drivers title.

Michael Schumacher has been a friend and mentor to Sebastian Vettel. He hoped he could talk and get some advice from him.

"If he was healthy, I would ask him about many things," Vettel told Sport Bild.

"Not necessarily how to drive, but more things that are behind the scenes. Teamwork, Formula 1 politics. He has a lot of experience from his time with Ferrari."

Bernie Ecclestone believes that Ferrari's strategic errors have costed them both the titles.

"Everything is already decided," Ecclestone told Blick newspaper. "Hamilton is world champion."

"Unfortunately Ferrari messed it up in Monza and Singapore with the strategy. That would have never happened at Ferrari with Schumacher."

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